Everyday, the Internet user is assaulted by banners and newsletters, determining him to filter the ugly and inefficient and keep that attract his attention and interest him.

The time you have available with the attention of this user is significantly shorter than in the case of other means of promotion such as printed media and materials, where the reader ‘s eyes could return many times over the information.

But online audience is far more vast. Targeting is more effective. The path from advertising to action may be much shorter and easier .Therefore, the design must be attractive and the information to be transmitted concise, to the point and coherent.

In the case of newsletters, bear in mind that they are viewed differently by each recipient, some use programs like Outlook or Thunderbird, others use free mail websites like Gmail or Yahoo. The information must be transmitted correctly, regardless of the tool used by your audience. Incorrect display of it can lead to discrediting the company.